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Once again, as it seems to be a tradition in our yard, the green stems of our daffodils poked through the two inches of snow this week. For me they represent a message of hope, that, no matter what is going on, things of beauty, routines and things expected continue to happen. We find ourselves at a time where I’m beginning to see other symbols like those bright green shoots: vaccines are rolling out and friends and family are receiving them; zoom calls and meetings continue to provide more comfort and contact in a world where our generation didn’t find technology warm and fuzzy; pods of family members and friends safely join each other. The blossoms will come, perhaps with another round of snow, and will be joined with other early signs of winter melting and spring’s arrival.

I’m delighted to share with you University Woman’s Club cycle of events and programs for the spring. While our attendance continues to be virtual, our meetings and annual events return!

  • Our March 18th meeting is our Annual Meeting where we elect our slate of officers. In addition, we have our illustrious speaker Dr. William Ferris, renowned history professor at UNC, whose program will showcase his album that won two Grammy Awards in 2019, Voices of Mississippi.
  • Our April 20th Spring Program features Dr. Aysenil Berger, Director of the Frank Porter Child Development Center and an expert on brain development. We welcome the Sir Walter Cabinet joining us on this zoom call.

Both of these remarkable speakers, who were scheduled to speak with us last year, are gracious enough to join us this year remotely. More details are included in our newsletter. Members, go ahead and take a look.

The slate of nominees for elected board positions will look very familiar to you as it’s the same as it was last year. Our focus this year has been to keep true to our mission, maintain membership, and continue to provide as many programs as possible via zoom while learning to keep ourselves and our members safe. Given this set of conditions, it seemed that the most supportive action that could be taken to transition into a more in-person environment, at some point, would be to keep the same President, First Vice President and Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer. However, I remind you that nominations are also taken from the floor at our Annual Meeting for candidates, whose permission you have already sought.

The newsletter also highlights other opportunities for our members, including how to enjoy the N.C. Symphony’s upcoming Friday Favorites concerts on line with our special UWC discount off the regular ticket price and a virtual trip to the Ackland, Art Museum.

Your Board Members and I send our greetings, sincere good wishes for your health and safety and look forward to seeing you at our upcoming meetings.

Carol Marshall


University Woman’s Club



Carol H. Marshall

President of the University Woman’s Club


P.S. If you are not already a member of the University Woman’s Club, we hope you will decide to become one.  Join our membership today!